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About Mary Ann


I  grew up in Chicago, Illinois. I earned an MFA from Northern Illinois University  in drawing and painting.  Afterwards, I became a  high school art teacher. I taught in all areas of art to include; drawing, painting, printmaking, art history, cartooning and photography. This helped me gain a wealth of experience not only in  teaching but also in each discipline of art. 

Aside from my teaching abilities,  I am also a professional artist. Many of my pastel drawings and paintings have brought me numerous rewards and purchases. 


To enhance my artistic experience, in 2006 I joined the artist community of Madrid, New Mexico.  I owned and operated the  Mardi-Graz Gallery & School.   The gallery was a huge success, but it was very hard to do my own painting and run a gallery.  I had to decide which I wanted to do more!

I continued running my gallery for about 5 years and then because of health issues, returned to Illinois.


Since I returned, I have found a new venue  for my visual experiences.  I have whole new ideas and subjects for my drawings and paintings.


I always strive for perfection using current and unique techniques. Subject matter from my past experiences and present surroundings  help me reach out beyond my horizons. 


I have decided to write a book about my  life and my art, soon to be published...








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